Hitoshi Tanaka

SEE-August 2013


Hitoshi Tanaka’s The Window of the Sea Wind,

2011, stone and granite sculpture, 7’ x 7’ x 16”

“Visitors to Blue Hill can see the blue sky and ocean through this window. Those who visit from the sea can see quiet and beautiful Blue Hill through this window. The light and wind will pass through this window. So the hearts of the people will also journey through this window. This sculpture, made of stone, is Blue Hill’s ‘Welcome Window.’” —Hitoshi Tanaka

The Window of the Sea Wind was created for the 2012 Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium, an artist-in-residency program that gives sculptors from Maine and around the world the chance to focus on a single piece of public art created in Maine granite. The next symposium will take place during the summer of next year.

For more information, visit  schoodicsculpture.org

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