Blue Hill

Joelle & Johnny

September 16, 2017 | Private home in Blue Hill

Blue Hill, Brooklin + Brooksville

The Blue Hill Peninsula, just west of Mount Desert Island, has a long heritage of boatbuilding, fishing, and farming, and although the towns are popular summer destinations, they also offer year-round community and culture.

Blue Hill Peninsula

As my husband Mark and I drive north with our five- and three-year-old sons, Luke and Noah, and Be a our Lab mix, I snap a family selfie and dash off an Instagram post: “Blue Hill, are you ready for … Continue reading

Blue Hill Peninsula

Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff Each time I visit the Blue Hill Peninsula
I am struck by the stunning scenery, close-knit community, and passionate food scene. I’m excited to dive back in for the weekend with my wife Jocelyn … Continue reading

Secondhand Finds

Secondhand stores give relics of the past new life and reward customers with the satisfaction of spontaneously wandering in and finding a one-of-a-kind item. Visit any of these stores, and you’ll find it to be true: they just don’t make … Continue reading

Hitoshi Tanaka

SEE-August 2013   Hitoshi Tanaka’s The Window of the Sea Wind, 2011, stone and granite sculpture, 7’ x 7’ x 16” “Visitors to Blue Hill can see the blue sky and ocean through this window. Those who visit from the sea … Continue reading