Juliet + Jared, Kennebunkport

June 7, 2014 | Earth at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport Photographs by Arielle Doneson


Juliet and Jared worked together at an architecture firm in Boston. When they were assigned to work on the same project, they started to hang out a little more often. “We were your typical office romance, sneaking around, trying to steal glances at each other, leaving at separate times only to meet up around the corner,” says Juliet. “Of course, we couldn’t keep it a secret very long. We knew this was the real deal.” Not being able to wait until Christmas, Jared proposed in the weeks before, and the two planned their Kennebunkport wedding with a focus on good food and drinks at Earth at Hidden Pond.



“Some of the best times we’ve had were over delicious food and drinks, so we knew this was the top priority for us—to create new memories for us and for all of our guests over a great dinner,” says Juliet.



VENUE: “We chose Kennebunkport not just because of the scenic town, but mostly because we fell in love with Earth at Hidden Pond while having lunch there one day.”

CEREMONY: St. Brendan’s Chapel in Biddeford Pool is a short distance away from Earth. The historic church with its all-wood interior made a beautifully rustic setting.

DECOR: Juliet and Jared kept decor simple. For centerpieces, they ordered succulents and planted them in white pots. Guests took their favorites home.

DESSERT: Instead of a cake, they opted for two types of dessert: a peanut butter ice cream sundae and a rhubarb galette created by Earth.

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