Seth Wescott is a professional snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist. He lives in Carrabasset Valley.

Capture: The road to Sugarloaf

I was on my way home, driving on Route 16 through Kingfield. This spot is a favorite of mine to take photographs because of the view of Mount Abram. Many days as I drive west, if I know I’m going to be close to sunset or if the light is interesting, I race a little bit to try to capture this kind of moment.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since junior high school. Back then it was mostly just capturing moments skateboarding or snowboarding, but I was always drawn to landscapes, too. I experimented with different types of film and after a shoot I would spend hours in the darkroom tweaking images. As I began traveling for snowboarding, I wanted to have a way to document the foreign countries I visited and the mountains I saw. Since then I’ve always traveled with a camera.

This spot always feels like I have made it home. To me, it’s where the valley begins and where the road leads me to Sugarloaf.

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