Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Charity Summit

Skiers take on the cancer cause. When it comes to the Annual Sugarloaf Charity Summit, “we talk about raising a mountain of money,” says Meredith Strang Burgess, CEO of Burgess Advertising & Marketing in Portland. Now celebrating it’s sixteenth year,

"Oh My Gosh" corner

The road to Sugarloaf is long and winding. It moves through small towns, past A-frame ski homes, and along the Carrabassett River. For much of the drive, Sugarloaf Mountain is out of sight until one bend in the road, when

Finely Tuned

Behind the scenes at Sugarloaf’s ski shop, Chris Putnam and Bob Ash turn battered and bruised skis into razor-sharp racing instruments. A man’s workbench can tell you a lot about his character. Chris Putnam and Bob Ash work at a

Flagstaff Stories Afloat

Miles of water. Quirky stories. A submerged history of east villages, and today’s eagle nests and crisscrossing trails on land and water. We’ve made it to Flagstaff Lake. Here’s just one of the Flagstaff Lake tales: in those just-before-before-the-United-States-was-born days

Passion for Place

Sugarloaf’s new president and general manager Karl Strand opens up about his first few weeks on the job, his relationship with John Diller, and his goal going forward. Karl Strand’s first week on the job was far more difficult than