Ageless Maine

Ageless Maine is the magazine for people over 50 who look at their life as one filled with adventure, joy, and discovery. This is the magazine for people who have learned from their experiences and fearlessly and energetically look forward to the years that lie ahead—and to getting the most out of every moment. Ageless will cover topics that matter—from responsible investment strategies, to adjusting to being an empty nester, to wellness tips that will help you live life to its fullest. And each month we’ll profile your contemporaries who are still making a difference. You are active, you are engaged, and you are ageless.

Tightly Knit

Mike and Margie Shannon were strolling through the dusty grass of the Common Ground Country Fair in late September of 2007 when they came across an intriguing table. A few middle-aged folks in jeans and t-shirts were offering information about … Continue reading

The Hardest Job They’ve Ever Loved

When those we love need help or struggle with health problems, we want to do everything, be everywhere, afford all. We want to address their needs by offering love and practical assistance, along with all the comforts of home. There … Continue reading

Much In Common

When Al and Jackie Cressy first closed their bed and breakfast in Bethel in 2014, they found themselves feeling unmoored, like they were drifting into uncertain new territory. For the first 15 years of their retirement, they had run Rivendell … Continue reading

Fuel For Thought

On a brisk, blue-sky Saturday morning in November, a group of men in insulated, well-worn work clothes stands atop a sprawling woodpile at the back of the Boothbay Public Works Department lot. Chatting and joking with each other, they pick … Continue reading

Fit Tech

“Is that a smart watch?” inquires my patient, looking at the pink band around my wrist. As if on cue, the previously dark face of the timepiece comes to life, suggesting that I should get up and take a few … Continue reading