Ageless Maine

Ageless Maine is the magazine for people over 50 who look at their life as one filled with adventure, joy, and discovery. This is the magazine for people who have learned from their experiences and fearlessly and energetically look forward to the years that lie ahead—and to getting the most out of every moment. Ageless will cover topics that matter—from responsible investment strategies, to adjusting to being an empty nester, to wellness tips that will help you live life to its fullest. And each month we’ll profile your contemporaries who are still making a difference. You are active, you are engaged, and you are ageless.

Life-Changing Bequest

Couple's gift of their estate will ensure that Maine children in need can attend Camp Sebago.


Summer in Bethel is, in many ways, a mirror image of winter— without the snow. Golf replaces skiing, you still can take a lift up the mountain or hike up, and zip lines provide some of the excitement of snowmobiling or sledding. This year also marks Bethel’s 250th anniversary.

On a Mission

Retired U.S. Navy Commander David Patch remains dedicated to serving Maine veterans.

Summer Staycation Guide

Summer in Maine is short and sweet. Get out there and enjoy it.

Best Ways to Get Out on the Water

Maine is characterized by its abundance of ocean shoreline, lakes, and rivers. Because much of that water is pretty cold, being on it is often preferable to being in it. Here are a few noteworthy ways to get out on the state’s countless waterways.