Blake & Nadav

September 3, 2017 | Linekin Bay Resort

Blake and Nadav matched on in 2012. After a successful first date in New York City, they immediately planned their second date for three days later. Soon enough, they found themselves traveling for hours just to see each other. When Nadav was accepted for residency at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, the couple decided that their relationship was worth the long distance. After a year apart, Blake joined Nadav in Rhode Island, where they stayed for two years and welcomed their puppy, Moxie, into the family.

On one particularly rainy day in Providence, Nadav asked Blake if she could skip work so they could spend some time together. The morning started with brunch and a trip to the local museum. After their day out, Blake had to stop into work for a bit. When she returned home, she noticed that the house was a little cleaner, and Nadav had said that there was a surprise for Blake. At that moment, he came into the living room and proposed. Blake immediately screamed, “YES!” and started punching Nadav out of sheer excitement. The couple celebrated with a bottle of champagne and phone calls to friends and family.


DECOR: Blake’s family was essential in helping collect, create, and pull together all of the decor. Her cousin designed and printed the invitations, her aunt arranged flowers for the tables, and a close family friend built the chuppah that Blake and Nadav were married under. With her mom and sister, Blake spent all summer gathering and preparing decorations such as the oilcloth table runners, and Blake’s step-grandmother made the dessert: whoopie pies. As party favors, Blake, her best friends, and sisters all worked together to assemble bags that included a copy of EatMaine, Moxie soda, “Blake & Nadav” engraved flashlights, and hangover kits (Emergen-C, Advil, and earplugs).

VENUE: Blake is a Maine native, and the couple wanted a location where their guests could come and stay for the entire weekend. Linekin Bay Resort was the perfect venue—the couple could walk down to the oceanside pool and see both sides of their families hanging out, sharing beer and laughter. “It made the actual wedding that much more special because everyone had time to get to know each other,” says Blake.

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