The Boothbay Region

At the height of summer, the body of water that gives Boothbay Harbor its name is so full of boats that it almost looks like you could hop from one to the other without ever getting your feet wet. One of … Continue reading

The Carriage House Restaurant

Nearly every day for five years, Kelly Farrin drove past the shuttered Carriage House Restaurant on his way to work at Primo in Rockland. He lived on Ocean Point in East Boothbay, a particularly scenic piece of land that juts into Linekin … Continue reading

Live Music Venues

Good live music has an energy and intimacy that can’t be captured through recordings. Thankfully, there are plenty of venues all across Maine to experience those special performances—from restored opera houses to riverfront pavilions to snowmobiling pit stops.

Linekin Bay Resort

Linekin Bay Resort is a beloved tradition for families who have been vacationing there for generations. They come from all over the country to enjoy the spectacular setting, the shade of pine trees, water activities and the welcoming, homey atmosphere. … Continue reading