Allagash Brewing Company


DRINK-July 2011

By Tyler Boucher
Illustration by Eric Hou

Rob Tod, on Allagash Brewing

“I started the company in the summer of ’94, and started selling beer in ’95. We do exclusively Belgian-style beers, and we’re fortunate that in the last few years there’s been a surge in awareness about these types of beer. At the beginning we were making 120 barrels a year, and we’ve grown to 30,000 barrels a year. We’re driven by creating unique beers: a huge part of our production is Allagash White, which we brew year-round, but a huge part of our culture is experimenting, and we’re constantly innovating and improving what we do. One of our biggest challenges is keeping up with demand. We can’t make enough beer.”

“It’s tough—it’s like choosing your favorite kid. I always find myself gravitating back to the White. I like drinking that beer more every single time I try it and I’m still discovering new characteristics about it.”

The name stays the same, but the recipe changes each year. This year’s version is a Belgian farmhouse ale that will be available early- to midsummer. For every bottle Allagash sells, they make a donation to a pediatric nursing scholarship fund at Maine Medical Center. Last year they raised over $10,000.

1) Gritty McDuff’s Black Fly Stout 

“It’s got a great balance between toasted flavors and rich creamy character. I don’t know if this is something that only brewers notice, but it’s also got a great head on it. It contributes so much to the character.”
2) Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale
“Geary’s is one of the innovators in the business, and Hampshire Ale is a beer that I’ve been drinking for years. Its full-bodied, complex, interesting, and very drinkable.”
3) Maine Beer Company Peeper Ale
“They’ve taken a di!erent approach to beer in Maine. It’s kind of a Pacific Northwest style of pale ale. It’s a great, refreshing beer. We don’t make hoppy beers, but I love them.”

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