Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our state

I was on assignment in the Kennebunks and up early to capture the sunrise. As I walked across the Taintown Bridge, which connects the two neighboring coastal towns, I noticed a trio of wooden boats floating in a perfect arrangement. The sun was low in the sky, casting rich golden tones, the breeze was still, and the tide was just right for a solid composition.

I have been photographing for seven years now and discovered this passion in a challenging way. My uncle loved photography and when he lost his life to cancer my aunt asked if I knew of anyone who might be able to use his gear. Not knowing anyone at the time, I decided to give it a try and I realized why this passion was so near and dear to my uncle as it quickly became mine.

We all have something that fuels us; we just need to find it. Photography for me is not only a way to test my imagination and creativity; it’s also an outlet allowing me to focus on something positive in most everything I see, which has in turn caused me to have a different outlook on life. When my photography drastically improved I figured out that it was more important for me to strive to be the best for the world, rather than to be the best in the world.

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