Wisdom of the Bay

On Penobscot Bay, traditions and lessons of the ocean are passed down through generations

Truth Serum

Jessica Johnson on how to succeed as a Maine entrepreneur in the beauty industry

Trails Flow on the East Branch

A project that has become the talk of the northern Maine woods—a private multimillion-dollar investment to create miles of trails and deluxe warming huts on an over 4,300-acre tract along the East Branch of the Penobscot River—is now open to the public

The Little Fish That Could

During the past two decades, a cast of thousands has collaborated to bring millions of alewives back to Maine's streams and rivers

Maine Summer Camps Listing

Our comprehensive guide to the camps that make summers in Maine so memorable.

Adventure Girls

Amanda Hatley, the founder of She Summits Co., shares her thoughts on what summer camp can do for girls, what it means to be brave, and the best place to hike in Maine.

Camp Has Made All the Difference

For Susan Curtis campers, two weeks on the shore of Trout Pond means finding new paths

Abiding Sportsmanship

With a heritage dating back nearly two centuries, Maine’s sporting camps serve as stewards and guides of the state’s woods and waters

Love Letters to Maine | Lily King

My mother married a man in April in Massachusetts. I was 15. That August he brought us to Maine. We got up at four-thirty in the morning and drove for hours to Rockland and got on a ferry and headed … Continue reading

All the Way Down East

With its dramatic cliffs and seaside forests, the Bold Coast provides an experience unlike anything else in Maine