50 Mainers Balancing Heritage and Progress

Much of what makes Maine so appealing—its outdoor recreational opportunities, dramatic coastline, and independent spirit—hasn’t changed for centuries. Yet, there’s a lot of Maine that needs to change. Ask residents of towns with shuttered mills. Or someone who doesn’t fit … Continue reading

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48 Hours in York + Kittery

Friday Evening My husband and I are off to York and Kittery to visit some of the places we’ve had on our to-do list for over 15 years. My in-laws live in York, and they have graciously agreed to host … Continue reading

Farm Feats on the Fairway

“Get in there and grab your bacon!” “You’ve got to dive!” The fans are standing now, clapping and yelling from the bleachers in the Pulling Arena. Eight young pigs have just been let loose onto the dusty floor, and they’re … Continue reading

Ferry, Harbor, Quarry, Love

I keep finding myself looking for the little black cat—the one written about by author Margaret Wise Brown, who spent more than a dozen summers on Vinalhaven and who penned The Little Fisherman, Goodnight Moon, and dozens of other classic … Continue reading

Hitting the Trail

The footprints, tire treads, and hoof marks on the Down East Sunrise Trail mark not only the number of people who utilize the 88-mile trail but the many ways in which they traverse it. The multiuse trail, which stretches from Ellsworth … Continue reading