Carrabassett Valley

Carrabassett Valley: Summer

In the summer, Sugarloaf’s steep, snow-covered trails give way to green, opening up opportunities for an outdoors-focused weekend on and around the mountain.

Carrabassett Valley: Winter

At 4,237 feet Sugarloaf is New England’s third-tallest ski area, but in skiing and snowboarding, it’s not just size that matters—each ski area has its own identity and character, defined as much by its activities, dining, and atmosphere as by its mountain stats.


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Sugarloaf Glades

Both daredevils and peace-seekers in search of a trail less traveled should head toward Sugarloaf’s backcountry-style glades, where trees, cliffs, and solitude make for exciting—and tranquil—skiing and snowboarding. Just make sure to comply with safety guidelines before adventuring.

Milestone Miler

In its 35th year, the oldest continuously run marathon in the state is famously downhill, especially in those end miles when runners of the 15K race join in and follow the valley road along the Carrabassett River to Kingfield.

Going for the Good

Competition is fierce at the Winterkids Downhill 24—Especially for raising money.