2021 Mainers of the Year

The leaders who have shaped the state over the past year.

By Rachel Hurn and Paul Koenig

Photography by Dave Dostie, Séan Alonzo Harris, Ben Macri, Tara Rice, and Michael D. Wilson

Issue: October 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has been the dominant through line in all our experiences over the past year and a half, and few aspects of our lives have been spared disruption or strife. In our inaugural Mainers of the Year feature, we are recognizing the individuals who didn’t shy from challenges, who made our lives better. From around Maine and across five sectors—public service, business, science and medicine, art and culture, and the environment and outdoors—these Mainers embody the state’s motto: I lead. They did so with resourcefulness, compassion, and creativity. They provided steady leadership while others were stoking fear and confusion. They reinvented their businesses and organizations to keep Mainers employed. They cared for our children and kept us healthy. They provided escapes to the outdoors and other worlds when we needed them the most. They elevated marginalized individuals and demonstrated the power of art. They showed us a path forward.

Public Service


Health + Science

Environment + Outdoors

Art + Culture