Larry Warren

When Larry Warren was at the start of his career in the late 1960s, he was certain of his professional path. He was working at an accounting firm in Boston and was on his way to becoming a certified professional … Continue reading

Bonnie Rukin

From raising funds to renovate a former jailhouse into a gristmill to pro- viding working capital to an organic dairy farm, Slow Money Maine has boosted Maine’s food system by connecting food businesses with financing and other assistance. The organization, which Bonnie … Continue reading

Leslie B. Otten

When Leslie Otten’s friend invited him on a family ski trip in 1956, a whole new world opened up for the seven-year-old. “You could say that those ski trips in the ’50s had more influence on my life than just … Continue reading

Nanci Boutet

Special Surfers started in 2003 with Nanci Boutet taking three kids on the autism spectrum out surfing. The effort evolved into a nonprofit organization that now helps more than 300 people with disabilities surf each summer. Hundreds of volunteers descend on … Continue reading

Lani Love

When she was growing up, Lani Love’s family thought being outdoors meant “walking from the house to the car,” she says. In the years since then, she developed a love for Maine’s wilderness and married into a family with a … Continue reading

Lori K. Parham, PHD

Lori Parham has been interested in aging issues her entire life. Her childhood felt like growing up with the Golden Girls, she says, because she spent so much time with her grandmothers and their friends. “I work every day to show … Continue reading

Shay Stewart-Bouley

When Shay Stewart-Bouley moved to Maine from Chicago, she found the “very white space” to be jarring. To talk about her experience as a person of color in the state, she started a blog, Black Girl in Maine. “In creating a … Continue reading

Jill Hoy

Jill Hoy has never needed to look far for inspiration. The plein air painter spent her summers in Deer Isle starting when she was nine, and is now a part-time resident of Stonington. “There is something deeply authentic, profoundly raw, … Continue reading

Kim Swan

When Kim Swan sells a house, she does so with care. Not only is she helping a family find a new place in Maine to call home, she’s working to continue the lives of the buildings themselves. “My real estate career has … Continue reading

Fletcher Kittredge

Fletcher Kittredge doesn’t think good inter- net access should be a luxury. The CEO of Great Works Internet (GWI), a Maine-based internet service provider, believes it’s a basic necessity for all. “It is not really possible today, and in the future … Continue reading