Elizabeth Strout

As a child who spent much of her time in Harpswell, Elizabeth Strout knew she wanted to write. She spent her days studying people and reading books, both of which prepared her be- come an author. “I don’t really have … Continue reading

Reverend Kenneth I. Lewis, Jr.

In the days after a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans during prayer service at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, the Reverend Kenneth I. Lewis, Jr., helped organize a memorial 1,000 miles away in Portland. More than 1,300 people … Continue reading

Sandra Stone

Sandra Stone believes in empowering and supporting women. From 2011 to 2015 she led Maine Angels, a private investor network. As chair-woman, Stone encouraged more entrepreneurs, especially women, to apply for investments, and helped add more female members to the investors … Continue reading

Joshua Broder

The workplace environment Joshua Broder has created at Tilson didn’t come about by accident. After serving in the United States Army, he wanted to recreate the strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie felt in the armed services. “Our mission has been to … Continue reading

Leigh Kellis

It started with a craving. Seven years ago Leigh Kellis wanted a homemade doughnut. But she didn’t like any options around her, so she started making doughnuts in her kitchen on Munjoy Hill in Portland. Once she came up with … Continue reading

David Evans Shaw

After starting his career working in Governor James Longley’s administration, David Evans Shaw realized he preferred the world of business. He liked the idea of helping others, though, and has focused his career on that goal. “While motivated by public … Continue reading

Lois Lowry

“Writing is my passion, as are young people,” says author Lois Lowry. “To be able to combine the two in a career has brought me enormous satisfaction.” Lowry, author of classics such as The Giver and Number the Stars, has been publishing young … Continue reading

Clayton Rose

Clayton Rose believes education is an opportunity everyone should have, and at Bowdoin College he helps make this a reality. “At Bowdoin, I am deeply proud of our bedrock commitment to ensuring that the best students can come here regardless of their … Continue reading

Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.

Earle Shettleworth was only 11 years old when he had his first meeting with Percival P. Baxter, who served as Maine’s governor from 1921 to 1925. It was 1960, and Shettleworth was developing an interest in historic preservation. “Governor Baxter … Continue reading

Geo Soctomah Neptune

Geo Soctomah Neptune’s life is a series of opposing ideas: traditionalism and modernism, Western and Native cultures, masculine and feminine spirits. Neptune’s life and work as a Passamaquoddy basketmaker and drag performer embody these oppositions. “I hope that others can … Continue reading