Patrick Dempsey Cultivates his Maine Roots

Patrick Dempsey Cultivates his Maine Roots The actor tells us lessons he learned while growing up in Maine and what keeps him returning to his home state. by Katherine EnglishmanPhotography by Christina Wnek Issue: March/April 2021 Patrick Dempsey’s roots run … Continue reading

The Changemaker

A year after her historic election, Lewiston city councilor Safiya Khalid serves as an inspiration to other young immigrants in her hometown.

Love Letters to Maine | Cindy Soule

Dear Maine, Your teachers have flexed with creativity, perseverance, and compassion to deliver instruction in ways that are assuredly different from the past. In moments of vulnerability, we have leaned on one another and found solutions to barriers. Together, we have demonstrated a … Continue reading

Meet the Hosts of WeGo

Kat Englishman and Miss Maine Carolyn Brady tell us what they’re most looking forward to doing on Maine magazine’s new video series.

Brand Steward

L.L.Bean president and CEO Stephen Smith on the future of retail, how the company adapts to a disrupted industry, and his woodworking obsession

Born to Sail

From transatlantic sails to surviving a shipwreck, Rob Windsor has made a career out of his love of sailing

By Her Bootstraps

On tall ships and research vessels all over the world, and at boatyards on the Maine coast, Hannah Gray gets the job done

Just Do It

From organizing a summer camp in middle school to hiking the Appalachian Trail, Chloë Rowse has charted her own path, and encourages girls to do the same


At the start of the show’s fourth season, the cast of Maine Cabin Masters talks about what’s next and the meaning of going upta camp

Breast Friends

How a social-media marketer with an MFA in creative writing has united breastfeeding moms in Maine and beyond.