Canoe with a View

The sun is bright, and a warm breeze whips through the trees. The Allagash River is calm, and all is as it should be. That’s how Lani Love feels, at least, as she paddles her canoe down Indian Stream, trailed … Continue reading

Built on Barrels

On the edge of the woods off Route 202 in Buxton, Matt Albrecht is coordinating container shipments to Australia and importing truckloads of used whiskey barrels from Tennessee. The Connecticut transplant came to Maine when he was 15 with a … Continue reading

The Secret of South Solon

Upon first approach, the South Solon Meeting House is unassuming. The white clapboard siding and four-pointed bell tower of the 1842 building are reminiscent of other historic meetinghouses that dot Maine’s landscape and mark moments in history. It’s not until … Continue reading

Flight Plan

Forty-one years ago, work on the first Maine Bird Atlas commenced as ornithologists began the arduous task of documenting birds that breed in Maine. After five years of observing birds and analyzing the data, the first atlas was published in 1983. “There are a … Continue reading

The Head of Lettuce

Trevor Kenkel’s interest in sustainable agriculture started early. As a middle schooler in Kalispell, Montana, Kenkel started his first organic garden in his parents’ backyard. He was motivated to research sustainable agriculture after he saw how conventional growing practices were … Continue reading

Navigating the Elements

David Johansen began his career working in a graphic design office in Los Angeles, California. It wasn’t long before he realized the rigidity of the environment wasn’t for him, and he began to look for a more hands-on career. Inspired by … Continue reading

Camp with a Purpose

At first glance Camp Alsing looks like an average summer camp. Campers and counselors are in high spirits as they reenact a battle scene from Star Wars during one of the camp’s theme days. Laughter fills the warm air, and … Continue reading

Cultivating Diverse Creativity

Since Daniel and Marcia Minter moved to Maine from Chicago 15 years ago, they have watched the state’s art scene change significantly. A scene that was once saturated with white males artists with a penchant for painting landscapes is now … Continue reading

Education Unbound

In a world of unlimited technology, the way high school students are learning is changing. About five years ago, Ian Ramsey, a teacher at North Yarmouth Academy (NYA), noticed that kids were processing things differently; they had shorter attention spans. … Continue reading

Breaking Barries | Thomas College | Laurie Lachance | Maine magazine

Breaking Barriers

When Laurie Lachance was growing up in Dover-Foxcroft, her mother, Mattie Gagnon, used to do their family budgeting at a desk in the corner of the dining room. She would take out a small red box with nine smaller boxes … Continue reading