A-LIST-June 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photograph by Jonathan Laurence


01 Five Fifty-Five
This one satisfies the “gourmet burger” category. Usually the chefs make a made-from-scratch version of a “junk-food burger.”
555 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.0555

02 Harmon’s Lunch
Just get two double cheeseburgers with everything on them and an order of hand-cut fries. Why? Because I don’t want to be held up while you go for seconds.
144 Gray Rd. | Falmouth | 207.797.9857

03 Roy’s All-Steak Hamburgers
If I owned a vintage American muscle car, I would sit in the parking lot stuffing my face with burger after burger and yelling at kids.
5 Washington St. | Auburn |207.783.4304

04 Owl’s Head General Store Above
They call it the “7 Napkin Burger.” Eaten with proper enthusiasm, one could push that number to 11 or 12.
2 S. Shore Dr. | Owls Head | 207.596.6038

05 Wells Beach Steakhouse
Really, what’s better than a Kobe beef burger and a bottle of wine under the faux Starry Night ceiling in the lounge?  73 Mile Rd. | Wells | 207.646.2252 | wellsbeachsteakhouse.com

06 Frog and Turtle
The F & T burger is always a custom job, with several meat, cheese, and topping choices—such as spicy “ninja” sauce.
3 Bridge St. | Westbrook | 207.591.4185

07 Vivian’s Drive-In
Hamburger patties on toasted buns. Simple, right? Then Vivian’s is for you.
948 Forest Ave. | Portland | 207.797.7077

08 Wild Willy’s Burgers
If you can handle the mechanical cowboy playing music, then try the Wicked Good Burger—with onions and jalepenos.
449 Westbrook St. | South Portland | 207.822.9999
765 Route 1 | York | 207.363.9924

09 Hot Suppa
Their “Double Double” is inspired by the Billy Goat Tavern’s legendary cheeseburger, made famous by John Belushi on SNL.
703 Congress St. | Portland | 207.871.5005

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