Dance Classes

With an eclectic mix of courses that run the gamut from quirky to classic and everywhere in between, local dance studios offer Mainers of all ages and abilities the chance to get lost in the rhythm.

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Falmouth + Yarmouth

These southern Maine towns are more than bedroom communities to Portland, offering coastal escapes and burgeoning local food options. Friday 3:45 p.m. @ Town Landing Market My first stop is Falmouth Foreside’s well-known convenience store. It’s been around since the late … Continue reading

Dining Rooms with a View

Maine has its fair share of delectable dishes, but what pairs flawlessly with briny raw-bar options and savory entrees? A beautiful setting -something else Maine has in spades. Here are some scenic destinations where window seats and tables on the … Continue reading

The Foreside Tavern

When my children were younger, the one place we could all agree on was Foreside Tavern. One proclaimed they had the “best chicken wings ever”. I like the salads and my husband was happy with ribs or a burger. We … Continue reading

Town Landings

Mainers have the privilege of witnessing the sense of community that oceanside towns possess—a type of community that can seldom be found anywhere else. Within these seaside enclaves, the town landing provides a meeting ground for locals and visitors, a … Continue reading

Merle Hallett

“The ABCs of Sailing” and other nautical tales from the man who built Handy Boat. A person’s house can tell you a lot about them. The things they accumulate, the mementos they keep, the art they surround themselves with—these items … Continue reading