A-LIST-January + February 2011
By Joe Ricchio
Photography Laurie O’Neil


01 George’s Pizza
Nothing excites me more than when I see “meatball” on the list of pizza toppings. Even though people give me funny looks when I order it, they always agree that it’s delicious. The version served here, with its light crispy crust, is no exception. I enjoyed it so much that I was able to tolerate the man who shouted “Bingo!” very loudly when his order number was called—something he clearly did to get a laugh wherever he went.
563 Center St. | Auburn | 207. 782.7141

02 The Cabin 
When it comes to the traditional American pizzeria, I don’t often deviate from the classic red-sauce-and-cheese combination. Yet the white pizza served here, in all its buttery and garlicky glory, is definitely worth breaking old habits for. And the low ceilings and ship like decor are a perfect setting for cozying up with a pitcher of beer no matter what time of day it is.
552 Washington St. | Bath | 207.443.6224

03 New Gloucester Village Store
At a recent lunch, my friend Zack was attempting to tell me a disturbing story about the night before, but I could barely pay attention because I was so distracted by the delicious brick-oven pizza in front of me. It’s just that good. And they’ve also got a great selection of wines to go, which a great excuse to order another pie for the road.
405 Intervale Rd. | New Gloucester | 207.926.4224

04 Pizza by Alex
“Make sure you tell them that you want your pizza cooked in the old oven—always the old oven.” This was the advice I got from a regular patron of this legendary institution. Of course, I did what I was told and was rewarded with flaky, buttery crust and tangy sauce that I enjoyed in a dining room that’s changed about as much as that old oven.
93 Alfred St. | Biddeford | 207.283.0002

05 Otto Pizza
Anytime I get pizza at night in Portland, I always go to Otto. I love the extra-thin crust and fresh tomato sauce so much that I never think of going anywhere else. Besides, I have more important things to think about, like what wine to drink with the pizza, and how I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate sleeping in until noon.
576 Congress St. | Portland | 207.773.7099

06 Micucci Grocery Co.
Baker Stephen Lanzalotta’s “Sicilian Slab” has gained an almost fanatical following over the years, and I’m proud to admit that I’m among the devoted. The sauce is bright and sweet, sitting atop a pillowy square of the best dough I’ve ever had. I can often be seen proudly displaying the stains on my shirt that resulted from attempting, once again, to eat it while driving.
45 India St. | Portland | 207.775.1854

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