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After making his mark in Utah, chef Bowman Brown brings his thoughtful cooking to Biddeford

A Matter of Ounces

At the Hyperlite Mountain Gear factory in Biddeford, company founder Mike St. Pierre shows us around the production floor, talks trails and tent design, and then suggests a camping trip in Mount Katahdin’s backyard.

48 Hours in Saco + Biddeford

These oceanfront communities have evolved from their industrial pasts, with their historic mill buildings and downtowns on either side of the Saco River now housing artisans, specialized manufacturers, and culinary upstarts.

Saco + Biddeford

On either side of the Saco River, historic mill buildings anchor Saco and Biddeford’s charming downtown areas. A decade of slow-but- steady redevelopment has brought new life to the mills and fueled a local manufacturing boom, replacing the old textile factories with high-end and artisanal producers as well as sleek residential spaces. At the river’s mouth, Biddeford Pool and Ferry Beach offer coastal escapes, with beautiful sandy beaches and scenic stretches of rocky shore.

Pool Lobster

There’s no shortage of seaside lobster shacks in Maine, but Pool Lobster is much more than that. The store/restaurant serves as a gathering spot for the Biddeford Pool summer people, all day long from Memorial Day until Labor Day. The

Maine Bookstores & Independent Booksellers

Nothing beats the comfort of a good book, or good Maine bookstores. Indie booksellers across the state craft creatively rich environments, curating books, author events, and knowledgeable staff to help us escape reality and get lost in someone else’s story. Here

Roxi Suger

Listen in as Roxi Suger, fashion designer, and owner of Suger and Angelrox tells her story. Suger is the sweet home of Angelrox layered with a mix of discovered, craft & artisan gifts.  Roxi tells her story of what led her

Saco + Biddeford

As soon as the clock hits 5 p.m., I head straight for my car, put on my summer adventuring playlist, and get onto 295, ready for a weekend of new people, delicious food, and exploring my beautiful home state.

Custom Deluxe

Custom Deluxe is immediately welcoming and homey. It has the slightly cobbled together, casual look of Craigslist finds and hand-me-downs, which actually happens to be the case. The benches that line the exposed brick wall are old church pews. Mismatched,