April 2013

Duckfat, Portland

Before you arrive at this popular East End haunt, you can smell the delicious, ever-so-familiar aroma of fried food. Duckfat is changing the fried food world and using what culinary tastemakers call “liquid gold” to do it. This isn’t any … Continue reading

Cantina El Rayo

When she was in fifth grade, Cheryl Lewis threw her classmates a “fiesta” and gave them all homemade Mexican cookbooks. She drew flowers on the cover of each book and wrote the word “Recipes” in big bubble letters. Now, the … Continue reading

Charlotte Agell

Q+A-May 2013 By Sophie Nelson Photographs by Greta Tucker   NAME: Charlotte Agell AGE: 53 OCCUPATION: Writer, illustrator, middle school teacher Charlotte Agell is a writer, illustrator, and teacher living in Brunswick. Since 1991, she’s published numerous works of young adult fiction, … Continue reading

Cheese Culture

LOCATION-May 2013 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards Cheese adventures in the midcoast and mid-state—shops and creameries from Belfast to Norridgewock to Phippsburg.   The orange fondue pot bought on eBay arrives on the porch in a plain … Continue reading

Bresca, Portland

When I worked as a reporter, deadlines dictated my lunch hour and I often ate at my desk. Now that my schedule is more flexible, I savor the lunch hour. I usually make it at home, but occasionally I take … Continue reading

The Yard

FEATURE-May 2013 By Jaed Coffin Photographs by Fred Field Driving north to anywhere on Route 1, you can’t miss the orange and white boom of Crane 11 rising over Maine’s City of Ships like a sentinel from another planet.   … Continue reading

Meg Weston

PROFILE-May 2013 By Sarah Braunstein Photographs by Matt Cosby Portrait of the Artist as Volcano Tourist: Meg Weston Journeys to the Maine Media Workshops and College   Surtsey, Iceland. November 15, 1963. An island volcano erupts. The earth cracks open, lava … Continue reading

Winslow Homer

SEE-May 2013 Winslow Homer’s Seven Boys in a Dory 1873, watercolor on paper, 9 1/2″ x 13 1/2″Collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum, anonymous gift, 1999 “In the summer of 1873, Winslow Homer painted a series of vignettes of children at … Continue reading