February 2017

Aroostook County

Maine’s largest county covers an area of nearly 7,000 square miles, greater than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. The route followed on this trip covers 800 miles, stretching up through Maine’s crown and looping back down along the Canadian border.

Portland in 48 Hours

Portland is a thriving, energetic, and innovative city, where residents work hard and play hard. It has diverse neighborhoods, from the historic Old Port and East and West Ends on the peninsula to the more suburban neighborhoods off the peninsula.


Everyday moments in Maine documents by those who live in and love our state

MK Kitchen

For the love of food and family

Hillside Hopping

A midcoast man plants himself in the state’s craft beer scene by growing a hilltop of hops in Alna. Even at a distance, the night air fills with the rattle and hum of the machine spinning, combing, and vibrating the

Traveling Through Tastes

Few things tug at our heartstrings like the memories of meals past. At Morse’s Sauerkraut, we find rare imports, flavorful feasts, and a whole lot of history.

Royal River Natural Foods

Continuing a two-decade tradition of organic foods and products

Kitchen Connections

For food writer Kathy Gunst, Maine is the key ingredient.

Brunswick + Topsham

At the edge of the Androscoggin River, Brunswick weaves together its history—a former mill town and the site of a redeveloped naval air base—with its growing magnetism as a destination for lovers of food, the outdoors, and great shopping.