February 2017

The Mountain Room

There are two kinds of skiers. There are those who want to be at the lifts as soon as they open, already having eaten a banana and gulped down a cup of coffee in the parking lot. They ski hard, … Continue reading


Located on the Kennebec River, this central Maine city boasts two higher education institutions, Colby College and Thomas College, and a historic downtown filled with a variety of restaurants, shops, and services.

Gorham, Westbrook + Windham

Located between Portland and Sebago Lake, these Cumberland County communities each offer a unique experience, from artisans working in a repurposed Westbrook mill to newcomer MK Kitchen anchoring Gorham’s downtown to Windham’s natural beauty.


Everyday moments in Maine documented by those who live in and love our stat

Jewelry Makers

Maine is home to an abundance of creative people, so it comes as no surprise that our personal tastes vary as much as our personalities. Local jewelry makers craft designs for every aesthetic, from ornate gold rings to brass utilitarian … Continue reading

Tried and True

At the University of Maine, President Susan Hunter is a steadfast steward.

Sonny’s | Portland, Maine | Eat Maine | Maine Magazine


Sitting at the bar just before happy hour, Sonny’s new bar manager, Adam Sousa, is trying to explain the science behind milk punch to me. What sounds like an after-school snack for third graders is actually a potent and tasty … Continue reading

Innovation Education | Gould Academy | Maine Magazine

Innovation Education

Gould Academy's Ideas Center puts problem solving at the center of learning

Sled Ready | Jackman | Border Riders Sportsman Club | Maine Magazine

Sled Ready

Going mobile in the backcountry: a snow-carpeted ride from Jackman