July 2017

Lobster Boat Names We Love | Best of Maine | Maine Magazine

Lobster Boat Names We Love

What is in a name? More specifically, what is in a lobster boat’s name? There is rich history and tradition around lobster boat naming in Maine. Each boat name tells a story. With traditions also come superstitions, and when it … Continue reading

Nina June | Rockport, Maine | Eat Maine | The Maine Magazine

Nina June

When we arrive at Nina June, chef/owner Sara Jenkins is making one of the three types of pasta that will be served at dinner that night. She feeds green dough through the machine, thinning it with each pass. Each sheet, … Continue reading

Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea

As I sit down with Andrew Chadwick, we realize we are both celebrating anniversaries. Two years ago, I came here to Sea Glass to write my first blog post for Eat Maine. One year ago, he arrived at Inn by … Continue reading


Most of the shoreline of this small York County resort town is open to the public, including Marginal Way, a paved shoreline footpath spanning more than a mile of rocky coast and connecting Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach.

Pick-Your-Own Blueberries | A-List | The Maine Magazine

Pick-Your-Own Blueberries

For over ten thousand years, wild, native, lowbush blueberries have delivered a flavor that is sweet and yet tart. Pick your own cultivated high bush or wild low bush berries to enjoy immediately, or freeze for a later season.