August 2017


Art made in the United States is in the care of associate curator Diana Greenwold.

Art Pairings at the PMA

Although the Portland Museum of Art is well known for its extensive collection of classical landscapes and portraits, including those by Andrew Wyeth and Winslow Homer, the institution also exhibits contemporary works that continue the traditions set by the old

Medicine at the Museum

Learning observation and thinking skills by talking about art.

Homer by the Sea | Prouts Neck | Winslow Homer Studio | The Maine Mag

Homer by the Sea

On the beaches and rocky cliffs of Prouts Neck to hear the rumble-crash of waves and see the scenery that inspired Winslow Homer to paint his masterpieces.

The Burning Tree

The modest building that houses The Burning Tree is a just a few miles from Bar Harbor, leaving the crowded streets of late summer in the rearview mirror. The restaurant is easy to recognize; it’s the place with the brightly

A Museum for the 21st Century

The Portland Museum of Art's mission to reinvent itself and change the way people experience art in Maine.

Art Road Trip

Spanning two hundred miles, eight museums, and over 70,000 works from Bangor to Monhegan Island to Ogunquit, the Maine Art Museum Trail offers thousands of opportunities for transformative experiences with art across the state. The nonprofit organization provides maps of the various museums online.

North 43 Bistro

The best things often happen when you least expect them. “Comrades” in the restaurant business, Stephanie Brown and Laura Argitis have been friends for over a decade. Brown, chef and owner of the late, great Seagrass Bistro in Yarmouth, would


When I visited Lazzari last week, I got an excellent pizza, a delicious cocktail, and a history lesson. After hearing raves about the new place on Congress Street in Portland, I was expecting the first two, but I was surprised