July 2018

48 Hours in Freeport + Yarmouth

Nestled near the northern shore of Casco Bay and shaped by the Harraseeket and Royal Rivers, Freeport and Yarmouth offer plenty of water views, extensive shopping options, and unique culinary experiences.

48 Hours in Bethel

While the Bethel region is known for being home to one of the Northeast’s great ski resorts, it’s also a year-round destination for a variety of other outdoor activities as well as historic towns, museums, and excellent dining.

48 Hours in Bath, Georgetown, Phippsburg + Woolwich

Proud of its industrial bones, Bath is also developing a reputation for fine food, art, and shopping that make it a midcoast destination, along with the scenic neighboring towns of Woolwich, Phippsburg, and Georgetown.

Waterfront Outdoor Eats

In these few sacred summer months in Maine, there’s no better way to enjoy a meal than outside in the sun. The dining experience is made even better when there’s a beautiful ocean view to take in.

48 Hours in Kennebunk + Kennebunkport

These waterfront communities come alive in the summer months with bustling downtowns, white-sand beaches, and patio dining, but offseason visits also offer plenty of culinary and community appeal.


Summer in Bethel is, in many ways, a mirror image of winter— without the snow. Golf replaces skiing, you still can take a lift up the mountain or hike up, and zip lines provide some of the excitement of snowmobiling or sledding. This year also marks Bethel’s 250th anniversary.

On a Mission

Retired U.S. Navy Commander David Patch remains dedicated to serving Maine veterans.