48 Hours in Freeport + Yarmouth

Nestled near the northern shore of Casco Bay and shaped by the Harraseeket and Royal Rivers, Freeport and Yarmouth offer plenty of water views, extensive shopping options, and unique culinary experiences.

Mocktails Around Maine

In the past, if you wanted to skip the alcohol while out, dinnertime options were limited to juice and soda. Now many restaurants serve creative, non-alcoholic concoctions that can compete with their boozier counterparts.

Maine Magazine | Maine Coast Taijiquan |Ken Ryan

Master Class

At Maine Coast Taijiquan, Ken Ryan nurtures bodies, minds, and spirits.


Neil Martin, owner of Goldenrod Garage in Freeport, lives life to the fullest. A racer driver, car collector, and teller of tall tales, he has transformed a former chicken farm into a playground for gearheads. When Neil Martin fires up

Tuscan Bistro

Adoperarsi per eccellenza Don’t worry if your Italian skills are rusty and you don’t understand these words, which translate to “strive for excellence.” Just be glad that you are on the receiving end of this motto, which is etched onto

Conservation Land

Maine has over three million acres of conservation land. According to Dave Herring, executive director of Wolfe’s Neck Farm, the protected mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands are part of why we call Maine home. “A lot of us are here

Azure Café

Somewhere between the quest for discount designer loafers and cold-weather camping gear, you’re going to need a break when shopping in Freeport. You’ve worked up an appetite and maybe an attitude, too. You need a place to soothe those frazzled


Photographs + stories by Maine + Maine Home+Design magazine staff When I tell people I’m heading to Freeport for a weekend “away” they look puzzled: the town is only 30 minutes from where I live. It’s true that we’re no