Inspiration: Riverside Chic

A classic celebration on the Kennebunk


Photographer Brea McDonald and Brooke Sheldon of Lilybrooke Events created an elegant mood at the Edgewater Inn at the mouth of the Kennebunk River. Outside, a lounge area with lanterns and flowers was set up to allow guests to take advantage of the views. Inside, gold was the inspiration for a tablescape built on a shimmering tablecloth with gold-rimmed plates and candlesticks. Flowers in shades of white and light greens made up the centerpiece bouquets. “Gold is a classic color. When mixed with silvers and nautical blues, you are able to get the best of all worlds: classic, modern, and coastal casual,” says Sheldon.


For this cooler-weather occasion, the bride’s outfit from Rambler’s Way provided coverage and warmth while also being sophisticated. Her necklace from Minka added a gold detail. The Edgewater chef, Walter Leffler, used locally sourced foods, and Spiked Seltzer, a gluten-free, all-natural alcoholic beverage, was conveniently stored in ice buckets by reception areas.

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