Eat Stories


The concept seems simple: little circles of dough wrapped around filling and steamed or fried. But making dumplings is difficult to perfect, so rather than trying your hand at home, head to one of the following restaurants for your dumpling fix.

Cocktail Companions

Owl and Whale’s bitters, shrubs, and acid phosphates add character and complexity to mixed drinks.

Beyond Baking

While customers line up for her bagels and pastries, chef Krista Kern Desjarlais ponders her next chapter.


In their new Arundel location, Scott and Bridget Lee have more room for their own brand of magic.

Baked in Success

At Ameera Bread, Ahmed Abbas finds a growing market for dishes inspired by his home country of Iraq, and beyond.

Sea Change

With new retail products and a growing number of fishermen-farmers, Atlantic Sea Farms is getting more Maine kelp onto plates around the country.

Distinctively Different

At Split Rock Distilling in Newcastle, organic is just part of the story.

Cheese Plates

A plate of well-chosen cheeses is the perfect predinner nibble, or with the addition of a salad can be dinner itself. At these Maine restaurants, cheese is served with care.

Sugarloaf Dining Guide

Where to eat on and off the mountain

Keeping it Local

At Hunker Down’s Sidebar and around the state, Orono Brewing Company puts Maine beer drinkers first.