Eat Stories

Maine in a Glass

Cold River Distillery is known for its potato-made vodka, but this summer cocktail calls for the blueberry version

Summertime and the Cooking is Easy

These unfussy recipes will help you embrace the season in your kitchen and al fresco

Dock + Dine

Traveling by boat to a waterfront restaurant is one of the pleasures of living in a state with thousands of miles of coastline. Here are some of Maine’s most popular destinations that offer both memorable food and drink for you and accommodations for your vessel.

Small Wonder

Little Village Bistro brings fine food and fresh energy to a historic midcoast community

Keeping it Fresh

With house-made ingredients and his own recipes, Mat Garofalo creates seasonal cocktails that match the farm-to-table fare at Kennebunk’s 50 Local

Deep Roots

Monte’s Fine Foods continues the Quattrucci family’s Portland legacy

An Island in Time

Cabbage Island Clambakes continues a Maine summer tradition on Linekin Bay

Reason to Rum

Three of Strong Spirits in Portland transports visitors to a summer state of mind with its classic and inventive rum cocktails


What is it about a round bread with a hole in the middle that makes people so opinionated? Some swear you can’t get a decent bagel outside of New York City, while others are partial to the sweeter, less-dense Montreal style. No doubt there are places in this country where good bagels of any stripe don’t exist, but thankfully, Maine is not one of them.