Eat Stories

An Island in Time

Cabbage Island Clambakes continues a Maine summer tradition on Linekin Bay

Reason to Rum

Three of Strong Spirits in Portland transports visitors to a summer state of mind with its classic and inventive rum cocktails


What is it about a round bread with a hole in the middle that makes people so opinionated? Some swear you can’t get a decent bagel outside of New York City, while others are partial to the sweeter, less-dense Montreal style. No doubt there are places in this country where good bagels of any stripe don’t exist, but thankfully, Maine is not one of them.


Whether you’re 8 or 80, a breakfast of pancakes dripping with butter and soaked in real Maine maple syrup will help start your day with a smile.

Singular Sensation

At Cong Tu Bot, Vien Dobui sets his own standard for Vietnamese food

Whiskey Insider

At Noble Kitchen and Bar in Brunswick, the Inside Job cocktail commemorates a bourbon thief

Turning the Tide

By changing the way fishermen handle their catch, Gulf of Maine Sashimi is opening new markets for sustainable seafood


The concept seems simple: little circles of dough wrapped around filling and steamed or fried. But making dumplings is difficult to perfect, so rather than trying your hand at home, head to one of the following restaurants for your dumpling fix.

Cocktail Companions

Owl and Whale’s bitters, shrubs, and acid phosphates add character and complexity to mixed drinks.