Camden, Rockport + Hope

Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Steve Kelly, Associate Publisher, Maine magazine   Steve Kelly, Associate Publisher at Maine magazine   Every trip I make to the midcoast feels like a homecoming of sorts. The warmth, community, and beauty

Freedom, Liberty, Hope + Union

LOCATION-November 2013 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards The clouds are puffed out like dandelion fuzz across a blue sky and the sun is shining. It’s a brilliant day for clear-headed thinking. That’s good, because at the hilltop

General Stores

A-LIST-October 2013 By Katy Kelleher Photograph by Sean Thomas Photography   01  Hussey’s General Store  Windsor  Rumor has it that this is the largest general store in the state of Maine, an idea that’s reflected in the no-nonsense slogan: “If we

Brien Davis Bakes Apples

Simple, baked apples are as good as it gets. When the apples are meltingly ready, drench the dish with heavy cream and maple syrup, and serve right away. Soft and comforting, but still just apples. COOK-October 2009 Written + Photographed