Port Clyde

Scenic Boat Tours

Whether salty or fresh, Maine’s waters offer breathtaking views and intriguing wildlife. Grab your camera and follow our guide for the best ways to see life on the water around the state.

Catching the Green Wave

A new generation of sea farmers is expanding markets and creating new industries. 

Rockland, Thomaston + Port Clyde

I always think the midcoast is farther away than it is. It’s an hour and a half from my home in Portland—that’s less time than my former New Jersey-to-New York City commute, and the scenery is a whole lot prettier.

Town Landings

Mainers have the privilege of witnessing the sense of community that oceanside towns possess—a type of community that can seldom be found anywhere else. Within these seaside enclaves, the town landing provides a meeting ground for locals and visitors, a … Continue reading

Grilled Maine Shrimp

COOK-April 2010 By Annemarie Ahearn Styling + Photography by Stacey Cramp In the early spring, one of the few prized ingredients in Maine hails from the icy Atlantic Ocean. Maine shrimp—small, sweet, and succulent—are plentiful, and plenty cheap too.   … Continue reading