Mocktails Around Maine

In the past, if you wanted to skip the alcohol while out, dinnertime options were limited to juice and soda. Now many restaurants serve creative, non-alcoholic concoctions that can compete with their boozier counterparts.

Vena’s Fizz House | Portland

Originally serving mocktails exclusively, owners Johanna and Steve Corman have since added alcoholic drinks to the menu, but mocktails, drinking vinegars, and fizzes—juices spiced up with bitters—still entice patrons. Our pick: Try the Prickly Pear-tini, crafted from prickly pear puree, pineapple gomme, cardamom bitters, and a dash of lime.

Azure | Freeport

At Azure in Freeport’s shopping district, simple, fruit-based mocktails pair well with decadent Italian fare. Our pick: A blood orange and rosemary lemon drop is tart and piney, perfect for brightening up a winter day.

Frontier | Brunswick

Grab dinner and catch an evening movie in the recently revamped space at Frontier, and sip on one of their fruity mocktails, ranging from sweet to tart. Our pick: Maybe it’s the name, but the unconventional flavors of the Lonely Hearts Club Soda—apple juice, verjus, peppercorn simple syrup, pine bitters, seltzer, dried apple, and a squeeze of lemon, on the rocks—create a strong alternative to a traditional aperitif.

Robert’s Maine Grill | Kittery

With three ingredients or less, Robert’s Maine Grill crafts fruit-based beverages that reflect the effortless, upscale ambiance of the seaside restaurant. Our pick: The strawberry basil spritzer is light and fresh, as the basil offsets the sweet strawberry taste.

Woodford Food and Beverage | Portland

Woodford Food and Beverage’s selection of house sodas includes a shrub drink with the same vinegary syrup they mix into their booze-filled Dark and Shrubby. Our pick: The rhubarb-ginger shrub, on offer in spring, is healthful and tangy.

Central Provisions | Portland

Aptly titled “Temperance Drinks,” a nod to Prohibition-era frugality, the non-alcoholic section of the menu at Central Provisions features more options than most. Our pick: The Pain (Free) Killer is indulgent and spicy, combining orange and pineapple juices, coconut cream, old-fashioned bitters, and nutmeg.

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