Jenni & Josh

Jenni grew up in Cape Elizabeth on the ocean. She first met Josh as a sophomore in high school. He was a senior and picked her up for their first date at her parents’ house. Although the couple now live in New … Continue reading

Meredith & Aaron

Meredith and Aaron met as kids growing up in Maine, and over the years their families became intertwined. “His family became my family, and he became my best friend,” says Meredith. After years of dating, they drove out to Point Lookout Resort in … Continue reading

Jen & Andrew

Seven years ago, Jen was working as a development executive at Oxygen in Los Angeles, which hired Andrew’s video content company, SpinTheVerb Productions, for a special project. On the morning that Jen and Andrew had planned on meeting in New York … Continue reading

Callie & Harrison

Callie and Harrison met on their first day of college and began dating a couple of months later, remaining together as both attended graduate school. After Callie received her master’s degree, she celebrated with her family on a trip to … Continue reading

Abigail & Noel

After spying each other at the movies one night in Puerto Rico in 2008, Abigail and Noel officially met—and became a couple— the following evening when fate brought them together again, this time while they were each out dancing with friends. “I … Continue reading

Maddy & John

As sophomores at the University of Richmond in Virginia, Maddy and John became friends first, and then it turned into something more. They even stayed together when life split them across continents. During a trip to Prouts Neck, where Maddy’s family has … Continue reading

Jennifer & Parker

While attending a party with her roommates who were on the Boston College sailing team, Jennifer met Parker, who was also on the team. Within weeks they were a couple. Eight years later, while vacationing in Portland, the couple decided to have a picnic … Continue reading

Natalie + Tom

July 4, 2015 John Peters Estate in Blue Hill

Luke + Andrew

June 25, 2016 William Allen Farm in Pownal

Taryn + Jeffrey

September 20, 2014 St. Christopher’s Church & Josias River Farm