Lobster Rolls

A-LIST-August 2010
By Joe Ricchio
Photograph by Jonathan Laurence


01 The Lobster Shack at Two Lights
Sure, this staple in Cape Elizabeth is a little touristy at times, but you’re right next to the ocean, on a stunning stretch of coastline, and you can bring your own booze. So you’ll be too tipsy to care when the seagulls descend and take your onion rings, whoopie pies, and/or children away.
225 Two Lights Rd. | Cape Elizabeth  | 207.799.1677

02 Miyake
Every time I eat the lobster roll at Miyake, I wonder why we use American-style mayonnaise when the Japanese stuff is so much better. It’s not the traditional approach, or served in a shack covered with lobster traps and fisherman’s nets, but I think this lobster roll is one of the best things you’ll ever eat.
129 Spring St. | Portland | 207.871.9170

03 Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster
Like the Lobster Shack, this spot’s appeal is as much about the setting as the food. Bring your friends from out of town to have a classic “Maine lobster experience.” And you can stare off into the distance and ponder why anyone would order a lobster roll from McDonald’s.
36 North Main St. | South Freeport |207.865.4888

04 Old Port Sea Grill
When Anthony Bourdain came to Maine he wanted one thing: a lobster roll. He was supposed to come here until a snowstorm cancelled his plans and left him unfulfilled for the duration of his visit. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch, and it’s even better if you have them add a little fresh tarragon (don’t tell them you heard that from me).
93 Commercial St. | Portland | 207.879.6100

05 Five Islands Lobster Co.
Continuing the traditional theme, you’ll find yourself kicking back on the docks, at yet another picnic table, watching more lobsterman come and go, and eating yet another delicious lobster roll. What? This is what you came for, right?
1447 Five Islands Rd. | Georgetown | 207.371.2990

06 Billy’s Chowder House
Sometimes you want to enjoy the view from the comfort of a nice bar stool. Not only is this lobster roll truly great, they have a cocktail called The Swamp Thing, which is perfect if you are comfortable drinking out of a large bucket in public.
216 Mile Rd. | Wells | 207.646.7558

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