High Concept

What is so appealing about sleeping in a tree house? It’s a question I return to time and again as I explore three tree dwellings that have been erected on the coast of Georgetown, a series of little woodland homes perched … Continue reading

Amy Peters Wood

  Tempera paintings PO Box 500 Georgetown, ME 04548 207. 371.2665 888.478.4999   Trained in both Veterinary medicine and art, Wood chooses a dialogue between her connection to all species of animals using a shifting perspective—creating planes which … Continue reading

Recipe for Success

FEAST-October 2009 (from Maine Home+Design) By Rebecca Falzano Photographs by François Gagné   When chef Michael Gagné, co-owner of Robinhood Free Meetinghouse in Georgetown, set out to create the perfect biscuit years ago, little did he know that his personal passion would … Continue reading