October 2013


If you ask a dozen people what makes the perfect slice of pizza, you’re likely to get a dozen wildly different answers. Like finances and politics, pizza can be both polarizing and personal. But if you like a thin slice, … Continue reading

Lubec + Eastport

48HRS – Online Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Le Anna Fox       Le Anna Fox, Guest Writer Friday My memories of our family trip to Eastport as a child are like the fog that rolls in … Continue reading

American Sommelier at Vignola Cinque Terre

  “Sniff like a dog,” commands Chris Peterman. The entire room of well-dressed students follow his command, sticking their noses deep into glasses of French wine. He instructs us to sniff up and down, side to side. At first, I … Continue reading

Investing in Maine

October-2013Illustrations by Joe Rosshirt Money: where to keep it & where to get advice on how to make more of it From the local banks that make up the backbone of Maine business to venture capitalists investing in our state, … Continue reading

Dr. Stephen Aronson

Q+A-October 2013 By Lisa Belisle Photography by Sean Thomas Photography   NAME: Dr. Stephen Aronson AGE: 70 OCCUPATION: Psychotherapist Dr. Stephen Aronson has been in practice since 1971 and has had training in cognitive-behavioral, Jungian, and transpersonal analysis, among other approaches. He now … Continue reading


Cauliflower puree. Ichthyic spinal fluid. Kimchi puree. Even for those of us who are apt to drop the phrase “sous vide” into casual conversation, these elements sound mildly daunting. But that has always been a part of the program at … Continue reading

Abbie Read

SEE-October 2013   Abbie Read’s Library 2010-2012, decorative papers, board, book cloth, books, found objects, 7.5’ x 18’ “Employing materials both new and old, my installation, Library, consists of some 125 individual pieces based on the structure of the book. As … Continue reading


48 HOURS-October 2013 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Heidi Kirn     Heidi Kirn Art Director, Maine Home+Design   Friday 3:00 p.m. @ 75 Market Street  We leave 75 Market Street with my two excited kids, Lily and Charlie,in the … Continue reading

Belgrade Lakes

48 HOURS-October 2013 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Emily McConnell   Emily McConnell Assistant Publisher Friday 1:00 p.m. @ Portland I load my luggage, grab a hot dog from a food truck in Portland, and hit the road. This drive … Continue reading