January 2014

The Gothic

“They take moose seriously here,” observes chef Jason Paul with a laugh. He sits across the table from me, lounging back in his seat, arms crossed and baseball hat slightly askew. He is recounting his first impression of Maine, when … Continue reading

Cultivating Community

WELLNESS-January 2014 By Sophie Nelson Photographs by Greta Rybus A dirty, righteous group is growing food for better lives.     Standing among the vegetable gardens of the East End Community School at the top of Munjoy Hill, the view … Continue reading

Nordic Winter

TRAVEL – January 2014 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards This part of vast Aroostook County can quickly turn into a winter wonderland—especially at a Swedish-style lodge and trails situated more northerly than Montreal, and practically due east … Continue reading

Zen Chinese Bistro

You can get hot and sour soup most anywhere. It’’s at the mall food court, doctored with MSG. It’’s at that crappy Chinese joint you visited as a kid, where cheap plastic buddhas sat gathering dust near vinyl booths. It’’s … Continue reading