Upta Camp

Swim to the platform? Let’s play sardines! A summer day on Rangeley Lake at one family’s lakeside getaway. On a certain section of Rangeley Lake-a grassy stretch on the north shore-the family is gathering on the sunny lawn. They’ve come from


My dear friend Michael Banks and I won a 48HRS trip during Wayfinder Schools’ Farm to Sea Auction. The choice of destination was ours, so we hit the town of Rangeley with a pack of friends to see what fun

Scenic Drives

May 2015 By: Kelly Clinton Photography: Peter Frank Edwards   Fred Michaud, scenic byways coordinator for the Maine Department of Transportation, explains to be called a byway, routes have to be scenic, of course, but also have to have cultural,

Bowling Alleys

Choose a ball, step up to the line, gaze at the pins down the lane, and send the ball rolling. What you hear next—either the crashing of numerous pins against the wood floor or perhaps the clunk from a ball

Coplin Dinner House

Chef Tony Rossi employs high quality ingredients for simple yet inspired dishes that have truly raised the bar for cuisine in the region. It basically sums up as this: You keep driving and driving into the darkness, for miles and

Cross-Country Skiing + Snowshoe Trails

  Throughout the state, trails wind through forests, uphill to views, downhill to base; they extend over bridges and snake alongside streams. As temperatures dip and snow spills over the state, trails serve a new purpose: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.