Kirsten & Anthony

Kirsten and Anthony met by chance one night at a league hockey game in South Dakota, where he was playing goalie. A week later, they met again at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After a few minutes of talking
at the … Continue reading

The Mountain Room

There are two kinds of skiers. There are those who want to be at the lifts as soon as they open, already having eaten a banana and gulped down a cup of coffee in the parking lot. They ski hard, … Continue reading


Every weekend that we can, my girlfriend Christine and I try to escape to the mountains or up the coast of Maine from our home in Portland. As professional photographers, this affords us not only the sense of exploration we love … Continue reading

Chef Summit at Sunday River

As Maine magazine’s food editor, I have the good fortune to taste a lot of fantastic food and attend some fun events. The Chef Summit, held at Sunday River for the second year, is one of my favorites. It’s great … Continue reading

Elemental Landscape

  Route 26 rumbles as we drive, the road rough and pitted with potholes from the repeated freezing and thawing of last winter. The road twists and turns, carrying us over green hills and through tall stands of evergreens, which stand … Continue reading

The S-Factor

LOCATION-January + February 2012 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards Slope-side stories of epic snows, fireside proposals, and smoky barbecue for the ski and snowboard set SADDLEBACK | SUNDAY RIVER | SUGARLOAF   On this Wednesday evening, the … Continue reading

Simon Dumont

PROFILE-January + February 2011 By Heather Burke Photographs by Tim Doak Simon Dumont has become a legend in the world of freeskiing. He’s smashed big-air records and made the big time with major sponsors and film spots. This young Mainer … Continue reading


FEATURE-October 2010 By Sarah Devlin Photographs by Jonathan Kozowyk The New England Forest Rally attracts thousands to Western Maine every year. These car enthusiasts would spend every penny to participate in this three-day adrenaline rush over logging passes and closed … Continue reading