48 Hours in Sebago Lake

A summertime paradise for boaters, fishermen, and campers, Maine’s second-largest lake offers myriad opportunities for fun and relaxation on and off the water.

Westbrook, Gorham + Windham

Neighboring Portland and Sebago Lake, these three communities invite you to explore their historical downtowns, culinary offerings, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Gorham, Westbrook + Windham

Located between Portland and Sebago Lake, these Cumberland County communities each offer a unique experience, from artisans working in a repurposed Westbrook mill to newcomer MK Kitchen anchoring Gorham’s downtown to Windham’s natural beauty.

Dance Classes

With an eclectic mix of courses that run the gamut from quirky to classic and everywhere in between, local dance studios offer Mainers of all ages and abilities the chance to get lost in the rhythm.

Secondhand Finds

Secondhand stores give relics of the past new life and reward customers with the satisfaction of spontaneously wandering in and finding a one-of-a-kind item. Visit any of these stores, and you’ll find it to be true: they just don’t make … Continue reading

Monica Wood

PROFILE-August 2012 By Catherine Gentile Photographs by Greta Rybus Breaking Down Barriers and Forming a Fellowship of Women Writers.   “Walking down the corridors and hearing 12 sets of doors locking behind me is the hardest part. But once I … Continue reading

Massage Therapy

A-LIST-April 2011 By Melissa Coleman Photographs by Kari Herer   01 Akari Give me a four-hand, hot-stone massage over Botox injections any day. This relaxing session takes off five years in a mere 60 or 90 minutes. Ask for Shahida … Continue reading