May 2017

Kate Snyder | Portland Education Foundation

Kate Merchant Snyder is the executive director of the Portland Education Foundation. In her Maine Live talk Kate discusses her decision of whether to send her twin daughters to private or public school, the negative perceptions she’s encountered of Portland’s

Forage Market

I am not a morning person, so when Forage Market’s owner, Allen Smith, invited me to watch bagels being made at 6:30 a.m., I hesitated. But one of life’s culinary joys is a bagel hot out of the oven, so

Tim Glidden | Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Tim Glidden, a self-proclaimed “free-range kid,” is now the president of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. In his Maine Live talk he discusses how his childhood led him to a career in conservation, how Maine’s environment is changing, and the

Spencer Albee | Musician

Spencer Albee is a Portland-based and nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, and audio producer for Love Maine Radio. In his Maine Live talk he discusses his non-traditional journey at York High School, the bumpy road through the music industry, and how

Donna McNeil | Curator at Maine College of Art

Donna Mcneil is a curator at Maine College of Art and the former executive director of the Maine Arts Commission. In her Maine Live talk she tells a poignant and personal story about her teenage pregnancy, her illegal abortion, and

LB Kitchen | Portland, Maine | Eat Maine | The Maine Magazine

LB Kitchen

LB Kitchen is like a ray of sunshine: bright, cheerful, serene, and nourishing. The light pours through the big windows on a recent morning visit, illuminating the table where I sit chatting with co-owner Bryna Gootkind. I’m sipping on a