In the middle of winter, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and fresh baked goods. With an array of talented bakers using local ingredients, Maine’s bakeries offer treats that will satisfy any craving.

Scratch Baking Co. | South Portland
Allison Reid, Bob Johnson, and Sonja Swanberg opened One Fifty Ate at Willard Square in 2004. Two years later they changed the name to Scratch Baking Co., and excitement over their homemade bagels, sweets, and breads has yet to subside. They later moved their bread and bagel baking to a former gas station on Broadway, and recently they turned the adjacent oil-change bay into a toast bar and year-round hangout.

Standard Baking Co. | Portland
Alison Pray, a 2018 James Beard Award finalist, and her husband, Matt James, have been running this iconic Portland bakery since 1995. The line of customers frequently runs out the door for their traditional European baked goods, including hand-rolled croissants, scones, and brioche, served warm from a stone-deck oven.

Atlantic Baking Co. | Rockland
Matt and Kathy Singleton took over Atlantic Baking Co. in 2003 after their friend Geoff Getman, who had opened the business a year earlier, passed away. The Main Street bakery continues Getman’s legacy by serving artisanal breads and pastries to the Rockland community.

Frank’s Bake Shop | Bangor
Family-owned since 1945, Frank’s Bake Shop serves breads and rolls, pastries, cookies, cakes, and pies, including traditional mincemeat pies with venison. With a different menu for every season and a catering company, Frank’s Bake Shop is a classic Maine bakery experience.

Bread + Roses Bakery | Ogunquit
Located on Main Street in Ogunquit, Bread and Roses Bakery is a short walk from the beach and the perfect hangout for enjoying a cup of Carpe Diem coffee and an oversized chocolate-chip cookie. The bakery purchases over 7,000 pounds of blueberries a year, which are used in homemade muffins, coffee cakes, and pies.

Treats | Wiscasset
Inspired by her grandmother’s recipes, Stacy Linehan opened Treats as a place for the Wiscasset community to eat well-made baked goods and gather with friends. Bakers arrive at the downtown bakery’s kitchen at 2 a.m. each day to make the popular ginger scones, Coco Loco cookies, and other daily specials.

Tinder Hearth | Brooksville
Tinder Hearth bakery is known for wood-fired, naturally leavened breads, along with an ever-changing menu. It sells pastries on Wednesdays and bread and pastries on Saturdays, and every Tuesday is pizza night with a variety of toppings that are posted online each week.

Bam Bam Bakery | Portland
Owners Tina and Lance Cromwell stay away from the one ingredient that most bakers can’t live without: wheat flour. The Cromwells took over Bam Bam Bakery one year ago and have continued the mission of an entirely gluten-free bakery. They offer baked goods for people with a variety of dietary restrictions, including dairy- and soy-free loaves of honey oatmeal bread and an assortment of gluten-free cakes.

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