48 Hours in Bangor

Located on the Penobscot River, Bangor’s downtown is vibrant with restaurants and shops; plenty of cultural and outdoor recreation experiences round out the city’s charm.

A River Runs Through It

A 16-year effort to restore the Penobscot has become a model for the planet.


An expanding culinary scene, hundreds of acres of city-owned forest near downtown, and an outdoor concert venue drawing big-name acts during the summer months make the Queen City a worthwhile weekend excursion.

Bangor Summer

Along the Penobscot River in Maine's third-largest city, the summertime scenery is urban streets and music stars.

Maine Bookstores & Independent Booksellers

Nothing beats the comfort of a good book, or good Maine bookstores. Indie booksellers across the state craft creatively rich environments, curating books, author events, and knowledgeable staff to help us escape reality and get lost in someone else’s story. Here


My boyfriend Adam and I travel north towards Bangor. I went to school at the University of Maine, so I am excited to be heading back to the area I spent so much time in—this time as an adult.

Live Music Venues

Good live music has an energy and intimacy that can’t be captured through recordings. Thankfully, there are plenty of venues all across Maine to experience those special performances—from restored opera houses to riverfront pavilions to snowmobiling pit stops.

Sledding Spots

In the months that Maine is covered in white and landscapes are quiet and frozen, hillsides come to life—busy with colorful sleds and kids bundled up in snowsuits. Sledding has been a winter cabin-fever cure for generations. From organized hills