Deer Isle

Isaac + Josie, Deer Isle

    REAL WEDDINGS-February 2014 Photographs by David Murray Weddings September 1 | Deer Isle     Isaac and Josie met in Portland while attending the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. They now live in Brooklyn, New York, but the pair’s … Continue reading

Archipelago Dip

LOCATION-August 2013 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards I have this dream of sea kayaking again to some of the uninhabited islands of granite and spruce near Stonington. A half-day trip once with friends in balmy August is … Continue reading

Turtle Gallery

  Fine art and contemporary craft 61 North Deer Isle Road Deer Isle, ME 04627 207.348.9977   10am–5:30pm, Monday–Saturday 2pm–6pm, Sunday Since 1982, the Turtle Gallery mounts a schedule of shows for the summer season with a broad … Continue reading

Pilgrim’s Inn

  Located in Deer Isle Village, this historic building dates back to the eighteenth century.   When Ignatius Haskell built what is now the Pilgrim’s Inn in 1793, on a land bridge between the sea and Mill Pond, it was intended … Continue reading

48 Hours in…Deer Isle

  August 2011 | By Melissa Coleman | Illustration by Josh Brill 48 hours of our favorite places to explore, view, eat, and stay My first encounters with Deer Isle still define for me this enigmatic island located off the … Continue reading

A World Apart

FEATURE- July 2011 By Isaac Kestenbaum Photographs by Jonathan Laurence Growing up at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.   At first, I thought Haystack looked like something from another planet. specifically, to my eight-year-old self, it seemed exactly like the Ewok … Continue reading

Man Seeks Sea

FEATURE-June 2011 By Peter Behrens Or, Why He Learned to Love Sailing   During the splashy depths of mud season, I often recalled my last sail. Eggemoggin Reach, the middle of October. Breeze out of the southwest, 10 to 12 knots. … Continue reading