Landmark Architecture

A-LIST-April 2013 By Joe Hebert Photograph by Paul Giguere of the Maine Department of Transportation   We spoke with Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, to learn about some of the most remarkable architecture in

Mooring Locations

A-LIST-May 2012   01 Jewell Island, Portland “If you make one stop in Casco Bay, it should be Jewell Island—it never disappoints,” says captain Warner Ogden of Sea Tow Portland. At the island, anchor in Cocktail Cove, the appropriately named hangout

Coffee Clutch

EAT-October 2011 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards Back in the car to meet three who are coaxing the roast in Maine.     Certain things must be done at the cabin in the morning. First, we open the

48 Hours In…Ellsworth

  April 2011 | By Melissa Coleman  | Illustration by Josh Brill 48 hours of our favorite places to eat, rejuvenate, shop, and visit Ellsworth was once the place you stopped to buy basic supplies on the way to Mount

Thirty-one Number Ones

EAT FEATURE-March 2011 Edited by Susan Grisanti Photographs by Dan Soley In the October 2009 issue of Bon Appétit magazine, restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton gave Portland the prized title “America’s Foodiest Small Town.” He wrote, “My scouting (aka eating) trips