Hallowell + Gardiner

48HRS, The Online-Only Edition – April 2014 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Kelly Clinton, Online Editor   Kelly Clinton, Online Editor   I drive to Hallowell on Friday evening with my friend, Renee, who has never been to … Continue reading


Art . Craft . Design 263 Water Street Gardiner, ME 04345 207.512.4679   10am–6pm, Tuesday–Friday 12am–6pm, Saturday or by appointment   Monkitree offers a diverse selection of fine art and craft to meet the needs of both new … Continue reading

All in the Family

WELLNESS-May 2012 By Genevieve Morgan Photographs by Cara Slifka Finding Harmony with Acupuncture Associates     Ts’ao-Ts’ao, a warrior-poet in third-century China, was notorious for his skillful tactics and bold maneuvers in war. As family legend has it, Fern and … Continue reading