Standard Gastropub

In Italy and other parts of Europe, it’s not unusual to find a restaurant attached to a service station. In fact, while not gourmet, some surprisingly excellent meals can be found at these roadside stops. William Holmes was aware of

Emily + Nigel, Bridgton

September 13, 2014 | Camp Wildwood in Bridgton Photographs by Nadra Photography   Emily and Nigel met in graduate school while studying biology at Harvard. After an evening of bioluminescent kayaking on Tomales Bay, Nigel proposed to Emily at a

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters from around the state that made our A-List. Forget about $15 tickets and dizzying displays of digital wonder—these movie theaters are a little bit old school, a little bit indie, and full of character. Grab a beer, some

Down at the Drive-In

FEATURE-August 2011 By Tyler Boucher Photographs by Matt Kalinowski Maine has a surprising number of historic drive-in theaters—five steadfast theaters remain in operation today, despite some lean years since their inception. WESTBROOK Westbrook’s Prides Corner Drive-In holds 550 cars—the largest