Yellow Light Breen

Maine’s Inveterate Strategist

Maine Development Foundation President and CEO Yellow Light Breen gets down to work. On the morning of our meeting at the Maine Development Foundation, newly minted president and CEO Yellow Light Breen bursts through the front door of the downtown

Yellow Light Breen | Chief Strategic Officer at Bangor Savings Bank

Yellow Light Breen, executive vice president and chief strategic officer at Bangor Savings Bank, says, “You are only as good as your constant drive to be even better.” During Breen’s tenure, the bank has earned a Best Places to Work in Maine six times and, in 2013, recognition

50 Mainers Boldly Leading Our State

Maine gives a lot. The shifting seasons give writers inspiration and artists changing scenes. The expansive wilderness and preserved coastline provide companies resources and researchers discoveries. The entrepreneurial culture gives business owners courage for innovation and teachers and students a

The State of the Maine Economy

Financial experts weight in + our annual Financial Services Listing   The Maine economy is a lot like Maine citizens: steady. That’s especially clear when compared with the nation as a whole, prone to small “blips and dips,” as one