Maine’s Inveterate Strategist

Maine Development Foundation President and CEO Yellow Light Breen gets down to work. On the morning of our meeting at the Maine Development Foundation, newly minted president and CEO Yellow Light Breen bursts through the front door of the downtown

Historic Forts

  Big and bold, historic forts line the coast of Maine. Dating back to the first and second World Wars, and even the Civil War and Colonial days, these forts each have their own unique story. Crumbling walls of granite

Landmark Architecture

A-LIST-April 2013 By Joe Hebert Photograph by Paul Giguere of the Maine Department of Transportation   We spoke with Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, to learn about some of the most remarkable architecture in

Alive and Well in Lonely Country

FEATURE-November 2012 By Sophie Nelson Photographs by Erin Wallace A novice hunter takes a trip up to camp.    The leaves have fallen and turned to rot, and the sky can only manage varying shades of gray. Photographer Erin Wallace